"I reached out to American Tax Solutions for assistance with my Mom's taxes that hadn't been filed for an unknown amount of years. I had very little information and or documentation to give them. Wesley T. and his staff went above and beyond in finding information I did not have and achieving compliance for her. (Three years of back taxes) I recommend their services to anyone and everyone. Their professionalism was extraordinary!!!"

Diane K.

"I received a tax bill claiming I owed over $50k. I called American Tax Solutions and spoke with Richard Blackman, a Sr consultant. Richard's knowledge and professionalism was only surpassed ** his overall good nature and compassion *** my situation. I got to admit though, while he was initially explaining things, I was a little skeptical. It all seemed a little too good to be true. I decided to trust him and boy am I glad I did!!! He was so calm in explaining what was happening and what I could do. It all made prefect sense, and to my complete surprise, indescribable joy and utter relief, my case was settled for much less than what I owed just like Rich said. They actually saved me over $40,XXX - XX% savings!!! And THAT actually included the legal fees. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. Thanks Richard you guys are the ABSOLUTE best! Thanks to you, I can finally move forward with my life without fear and anxiety!!!!"

Tom T.

"I owed 58k in back taxes with the IRS. Wesley Turner was able to get me an offer in compromise and reduced what I owed to under 3000! He was very professional and honest throughput the process. I highly recommend American tax solutions."


"Wesley******* is a true professional! Initially the IRS and FTB (State of California) 98k. It was all a mistake based on a business my brother owned. After going through appeals with the IRS entire care was dismissed and now I owe them nothing! Thanks to Wesley, ***** and Christina I am tax debt free. They are brilliant attorneys and I recommend them for any tax problem."


"I fell behind on making monthly payments to the IRS and they were threatening to charge a penalty that added tons to my bill.  ATS worked with them and fixed my payments."

Sarah Collins

"My business was about to be audited because of unpaid taxes stretching back a few years, ATS worked with the IRS and we avoided the audit and settled our debt"

Jim Clarkson

"I had years of back taxes and the IRS was threatening to levy my wages. Linda got me started on Fresh Start and I saved so much money."

Ramona Howard

"I owed over 40,000 dollars in back taxes after my CPA messed up my returns for more than a decade. Sean saved me over 30,000 dollars on a settlement."

Bill Hurst

"My boss lied about my wages and then fired me when he went under. The IRS came after me, ATS explained the situation and got them to reduce the money I owed by a lot."

Mike McCullin

"I had problems with some money from an annuity that the IRS wanted to garnish for back taxes, ATS organized a payment plan that allowed me to keep my payments."

Rebecca Heinz

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