Our Process

At American Tax Solutions, we aim to tailor the right relief solution to meet our clients’ needs. This means that the team working on your case can be comprised of enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax attorneys depending on your situation as there isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution. 


Contact us for a free, no-strings-attached consultation. One of our tax experts will review your case and give you a free quote.

Submit Documents

Our onboarding agents will answer all your questions and request necessary documents from you so we can begin fighting for you.

Case Discovery

Our team of professionals will conduct an exploratory analysis of your case to determine the best plan of action.

Liability Resolution

Our team works to resolve your tax problems and give you a fresh start. The case manager you are assigned to will update you on your case status.

Our Specialization

We have helped thousands of clients save their hard-earned money from the IRS. Below are some of the common ways to resolve tax issues. Your tax resolution may include a combination of solutions since each individual’s case is different from another.

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

This agreement allows you to settle your IRS tax liabilities by paying less than the amount you owe. Our tax experts will help you determine which 3 of the OICs fit your situation.

Installment Agreement (IA)

We help you negotiate with the IRS for a reasonable payment plan. You'll pay an agreed-upon monthly payment to the IRS within an extended timeframe.

Penalty Abatement

Can either be requested by mail/letter or phone, this penalty waiver grants taxpayers relief from penalties incurred from failure to file, failure to pay and failure to deposit.

Currently Not-Collectible (CNC)

This status allows taxpayers in financial hardship to defer paying their tax bills until their situation improves. We'll help you prove to the IRS that you can't afford to pay.

Tax Audit Appeals

Must file an appeal or request a 30- or 60-day extension within 30 days of your audit notice. Our attorneys dispute your audit and make sure your rights are protected during the process.

Wage Garnishment Help

The IRS can garnish your wages if they believe you owe back taxes. We challenge the garnishment by filing an appeal. We'll represent you in the hearing and negotiate a payment plan for you.

We Provide the Best Tax Relief Service